All My Favorite Things I’ve Seen Today (Wednesday)

For you who are having the crummiest days ever, and you who are having the best days of your lives. For you who could use a hug, and you who always give the hugs. For you who are human, and you who just want to feel more human… This post is for you. All of you.

The following collection features all my favorite things that I’ve come across while adventuring around Facebook and the internet today. I hope this installment makes your day just a little more awesome. Bringing it to you is always certainly a good part of my own. Enjoy.

By the way, many of these were shared with me by all of you! So… Thank you for that. Life is so much better when we all join forces to laugh together. And please be sure to share your favorite memes in the comments over on Facebook!


Some memes are just timeless. They were hilarious or awesome years ago, and if you’re like me, you like seeing them from time to time. So… Every day I share a few from SDL’s best-of archives.

There are always so many awesome videos. Every day I choose my favorite from Facebook and share it in my Favorite Daily Things. This video was uploaded to Facebook by AFV with the caption: “Brothers be like…”

I’m a dad. And I’m a cheesy dad. That means I love jokes, and especially dad jokes. Regardless, I think a daily joke is good for the soul. This one was pretty great:

A friend of mine (who has always been a genius with metal) had a giant pile of dull saw blades that he had to do something with. And then he thought… Why not turn them into art? From that, Metal Me This was born.

These things are amazing, and you really just have to see them in person. I love them so much that I have four of them hanging in my house.


Life is good, friends. Life is good. Now go have an incredibly awesome day!