We see “beauty trends” make their way around the interwebs, and we all love to scoff…but we also can’t help but stare. Why? Because deep down, we have to admit that they’re actually pretty awesome. So we just want to send a huge shout out to all you trendy trenders that make the world a little whackier for us.

Bizarre Beauty Trends We All Secretly Admire

Crazy Nails

The Corkscrew Nails

Because you always need to be prepared for wine.

The Lego Nails

It’s self-defense. Think about it, if Legos hurt that bad to step on, just imagine being backhanded by them.

THe Corkboard Nails

Never forget another appointment!

The Succulant Nails

Just don’t forget to mist them once a week.

Fur Nails

Fur real, though, who comes up with these?


It’s safe to assume that this was the hot thing for all the princesses in Tritan’s kingdom.


The Glitter Beard

We can’t even fathom the cleanup after this project, be we’re so glad they made that commitment to our entertainment.

The Jingle Beard

A must-have for next year’s Ugly Sweater Party

The Full Christmas Tree

And, ya know, why not take it up a notch or ten? When in Rome, right?

The Flower Beard

You know your inner hippie-hipster is calling to you so hard right now.