Tuesday, June 19, 2018

All My *Favorite* Things I’ve Seen on Facebook (Tuesday)

All the memes, awesome videos, GIFs, quotes, word of the day, and more... These are all my favorite things that I've come across on Facebook and the internet today!

Tuesday’s Collection of Awesome Memes & Things!

All the memes, GIFs, and more that we've found, or you've shared with us... These are our favorite daily things!

50 Times You Said… *What* To Your Kid, Exactly?

These are the hilarious responses to my question: "what is something you’ve found yourself saying to a child that you never thought you would?"

This is the Truth Box – Week 59

Truth Box
More of the secrets you've never told anyone. And what everyone else believes is the truth. All new. And please remember. We're all fighting our own great battles.

Food Edition! Over 30 *More* Pictures That Will Make You Say “Hmm”

Here are over 30 MORE of the strangest, most perplexing images that have ever been uploaded to the world wide web - FOOD EDITION! Enjoy the Hmmms!

15 MORE Strange Thrift Store Finds… We’re Talking Possibly Cursed Objects!

WHY did people donate this stuff? A lot of these should probably have been thrown away... but, one man's trash is another's treasure, right?

20+ *MORE* of the Funniest, Strangest, and Most Relatable Vintage Headlines

Here are over 20 *MORE* hilarious vintage newspaper headlines and articles - you might just agree that humans haven't changed that much in the past few decades!

20+ *More* Hilariously Awful “Di-WHY” Projects That You Shouldn’t Try at Home

The subreddit DiWHY is a growing compilation of the best (read: worst) projects made by your average human. I've compiled over 20 *More* of the funniest.

We Want Plates – Over 15 *MORE* of the Strangest Food Presentations Ever!

Restaurants will do anything to be cutting-edge, even serving your food on ridiculous objects! When will the hipsters leave our food alone? We want plates!

Crappy Off-Brands – 25 *MORE* Hilariously Bad Knock-Off Products!

Companies that aren't as popular will try anything to emulate the favored products...Here are 25 *MORE* of the WORST knock-off brands you'll ever see!

Over 20 *More* of the Funniest Design Fails You’ll Ever See

You don't have to have a degree in design in order to understand that some products are so messed up that the plans for these should NEVER have been approved.

Say No More – 25+ *MORE* Hilarious Bad Haircuts Turned Meme

The "say no more" meme has been making the rounds, and I have to say, it's one of my favorites. Here are 25+ MORE of the very best that I've compiled - enjoy!

Over 40 *MORE* of the World’s Most Unfortunately Named People

Ever made a prank call and asked for "Seymour Butts"? Well, these people are living prank calls - what were their parents thinking?!

Over 20 *MORE* of the Funniest Translation Fails on Foreign Menus and Signs

English is a difficult language to learn. Here are over 20 menus and signs that got lost somewhere along the way from their native tongue to English... Enjoy!

20 *MORE* of the Most Oddly Specific Shirts That Have Ever Existed

Sometimes, targeted ads can get a little TOO specific. Here are 20 *MORE* of the most Oddly-Specific Shirts that have ever existed!

20 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

Have you ever read an article on Wiki-How? If you have, you've almost certainly noticed that their illustrations are less than illustrious.

Over 15 MORE Strangely Placed Doors That are Definitely Portals to Another Dimension

Have you ever seen a door that's inexplicably placed? I've got a theory that these doors are portals to another dimension - what other explanation is there?

20 *MORE* People Who Won The Food Lottery!

Ever grown an extra large vegetable or gotten an extra cookie in the pack you bought at the store? Then you'll know how these folks feel!

Accidental Wes Anderson – 18 *MORE* Places That Are Reminiscent of Movie Sets

18 scenes that could very well be straight out of a Wes Anderson film - the symmetry and color schemes are astoundingly beautiful!

Architecture Porn – 20 *MORE* of the Most Stunning Buildings from Around the World

Architecture is pure art - aesthetics and function combining to create masterpieces. I've compiled 20 MORE of my favorite buildings for your viewing pleasure!

Twitter Delivers: Parents Admit Hilarious “More Honest” Names for Kids

If you had to be completely honest when naming your child, AND the child had to be named after the reason they were conceived, what would their names be?

Old People & Facebook – 18 *MORE* Hilarious Technology Fails

With the explosion of smartphones, the demographic of social media now includes the oldest members of our society - Enjoy these Internet Fails!

Mild Vandalism – Over 20 of the Funniest, Least-Harmful Pranks!

Mustaches drawn on models in ads will always make me laugh. I love a good old example of harmless vandalism, and here are over 20 of the very best!

Twitter Delivers: A Hilarious War Between Baby-Boomers and Millennials!

Different generations rarely see eye to eye. When baby boomers on twitter started poking fun at millennials, the younger generation fought back!

Over 30 of the Weirdest Rules and Facts About the English Language!

Here are over 30 rules, quirks, and facts about the English language that will make you glad it's your first language! English is hard!

Russian Wedding Photos: A Bizarre Look at Slavic Celebrations

It seems to be a tradition in Russia to take the weirdest pictures ever for your wedding. I don't have words to describe these photos... Just look for yourself.

Old School Cool – 18 Awesome Images From Times Gone By

The subreddit Old School Cool is an ever-growing database of the coolest vintage images. I've compiled 18 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure - enjoy!

25 *More* Tweets That Definitely Made Us Laugh

And we hope they'll make you laugh, too!

Monday Afternoon’s Batch of Memes and More!

All the memes, GIFs, and more that we've found, or you've shared with us... These are our favorite daily things!

A *Racy* Monday Roundup of All My Favorite Memes & Things (NSFW)

These are all the NSFW Memes, awesome videos, GIFs, and more... They include my favorite racier things that I've come across on Facebook and the internet this week!

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