Crappy Off-Brands – 18 *MORE* Hilariously Bad Knock-Off Products!

We all have certain brands that we know and love – the taste, packaging, and price is just right! Generic or off-brand just won’t do when it comes to our favorites! Companies that aren’t as popular will try anything to emulate the favored products…

The users on the subreddit Crappy Off-Brands have compiled an ever-growing, comprehensive list of truly terrible off-brand products and stores.

Here are over 15 more of the WORST knock-off brands you’ll ever see – Enjoy!

Crappy Off-Brands – 18 *MORE* Hilariously Bad Knock-Off Products!

Clorox? Never Heard of Her

Crabs Adjust Humidity

Same Font and Everything

Croc Knock-Offs




Krunchy Kream

Liso Sampson

Plants War

Pokémom Go

Power Competition

SO Many Knock-Offs

Teenage Minion Ninja Turtles

Teenage Turtles

Terminator 3: Rise Machines

All These

Traditional Jumbling Tower

I kinda want to try all of these… just so I can know if they’re truly as crappy as they look!