Data is Beautiful – All-New Eye-Pleasing Graphs of Random Info!

I came upon the subreddit Data is Beautiful a few months ago, and quickly became obsessed. The users on this subreddit create stunning graphs and charts out of information that I never would have thought to look up.

I’ve compiled 18 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure!

Data is Beautiful – 18 All-New Eye-Pleasing Graphs of Random Info!

Age Difference Between the Youngest and Oldest Deaths Each Day on Wikipedia for June 2018

How Do Young Fans of Comedy Discover New Movies?

Immigration Trend of Top 5 Countries to Canada

It’s Always Sunny Popularity Graph

Lottery Revenues Per Capita, By State – AKA “Really, Massachusetts?”

Density Map of Stars on National Flags

Number of Births on Each Day in the USA (1994-2014)

UK Population by Country of Birth and Nationality (2017)

Popularity of Metallica Tracks by Album