For a while now, I’ve been saving all the ridiculous(ly awesome) stock photos I accidentally came across while searching for images to use.

I’m not really sure why any of these are stock photos at all, but I sure am weirdly glad they made it because finding them made my life so much better, even if just for a few awesome moments.

29 Ridiculous(ly Awesome) Stock Photos

The Chimp and the Child

Good father figures take time out of their golf games to play with their kids. Or something like that.

The Giant Orange

Back in the day, you peeled one orange for all your 317 kids, and you were done.

The Almost Naked Man and a Teddy Bear

They both have identical fur coverings.

The Giraffe Pirate

Animals are sick and tired of us humans being the only ones allowed to cosplay.

The Vulture Kidnapper

“Daddy, where do babies come from?” Storks.

And if you’re naughty, a vulture will come and take you away.

I don’t even know what I typed in to accidentally come across this. I hope that I was this photo’s one – and only – download.

Gas mask and Lingerie

I’ve decided one of the following must have been going on for this photo to exist:

1) This chick is dating a super gassy person.

2) This chick is doing a social experiment to see if people actually look above the boobs in any photo where the idea of boobs is present.

3) This chick, and her photographer, are both hoping to inspire a newer, more creepy 50 Shades series.

The Flying Ram

Because everyone looking for stock photography is going to fall in love with this powerful visualization…

Kissing a Dead Fish

I don’t think it’s fair that she’s Photoshopped to flawlessness and the fish got no such treatment, even after giving his life for the shoot.

A Delicious Walking Stick Insect

Her tongue says “I’m supposed to pretend like I’m enjoying this.” The rest of her face says, “WTF am I doing right now?”

Sexy-Face Kitchen Warrior

I actually agree. The right moment in the right kitchen can make a person very sexy. And the kitchen is also a battleground.

Whatever the F*** This Is

I had to look at this no fewer than six times to finally figure out what it was I was looking at.

Man Hiding Behind Bananas

Please. Please, please, please… Somebody explain to me the deep message I’m supposed to be reading into this.

The Cat Dog Lady

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-09

I’m actually quite confused as to whether this awesome lady loves dogs, cats, or looking like a delightful psycho more.

The Lightbulb Changing… Clown?

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-01

The bracelets really complete this stock photo. Or maybe it’s the scarf. Or maybe the entire ensemble just… works. I can’t wait to have a blog post that needs this guy in it.

A pickle. On top of a mug of milk.

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-08

I’ll tell you what I didn’t do after seeing this stock photo. I didn’t not try it.

The Aging Cowgirl

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-10

For all those blog posts where a cute little thang, or a real horse, just won’t do.

Pretty Kitty

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-07

Complete with awkward suggestive pose and a garter around the neck.

Fingers with Feet

Why do I feel like I’m looking at a super naughty picture?

Fingers with candles

You’re probably gonna want to trim those nose hairs before you go digging for gold.

Monkey War

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-03

Move over guerrillas. There’s a new kid on the block. I know, I know. WTF.

Pelican Pecking Order

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-04

Have you ever had need of just the right imagery to convey someone swallowing someone else’s head whole? Look no further.

Theater Guy

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-02

This guy just really likes himself. And I have it on good authority he actually poses like that when he goes to the movies.

Pyscho Pomeranian

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-11

I will never look at cute little fluff balls the same. Ever.

Banana in a Toaster

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-06

Would I totally pay good money for this stock photo? Um. Yes.

Boobs and Christmas… Cheer?

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-05

Boobs. Boobs. Boobs. What else sells Christmas more, besides raging lunacy, of course?

The Manly Man’s Beard

What says “manly man” more than this? The answer is… Nothing.

Sucked Into the Meat Grinder

Back in the good ol’ days, when people caught their clothes in meat grinders, they were required to just keep… on… going.

Whatever the f*** This Is

The Wet Moped Man

Amazing Accidental Stock Image Finds-12

Streets? We don’t need no stinking streets. PS. I’m digging the manpris, man.