According to Business Insider, there is a group of celebrities who are the most powerful celebrities in the Western world. They’re called “The A-List.”

To be honest, I didn’t even recognize about half of the people on the list, but I did get kind of curious…

What would happen if I passed them all through the same “Alien filter” I created in Photoshop one day when I was goofing around with my kid. This is what the filter did to us, and we had a good laugh.

Basically, the filter just makes the eyes WAY bigger, makes the nose WAY bigger, and makes the mouth WAY smaller.

Before doing the celebrities, I pulled a stock photo just to see what it would do to something well with a good portrait…

Portrait of young beautiful girl. Fashion photo

I wasn’t disappointed.

Portrait of young beautiful girl. Fashion photo

So, how good are you at recognizing 2017’s top 20 celebrities? Guess we’re about to find out…

Oh, and answers are at the bottom.