How to Get Single Dad Laughing Back in Your Facebook Feed in Your Mobile App

Facebook recently made up to 90% of posts from your favorite pages disappear from your feed, filling it with more posts from friends and family. You now have to manually go into your settings and tell Facebook that you want to see individual pages. The good news is, it’s not hard to do.

How to Do It On Facebook Mobile

I’ll use my account as an example

1. Go to Settings & Privacy in the main menu of your Facebook app.
Please note for Android: In some Android versions of Facebook, you’ll see “Newsfeed Preferences” in your main menu instead of “Settings & Privacy.”

2. Tap on “Newsfeed Preferences.”

3. Tap on “Prioritize Who to See First.”

4. Select “Single Dad Laughing” (and any other pages you’d like to see again).

5. Click done. And that’s it! You should now get a lot more of your favorite Single Dad Laughing posts in your feed.

Now let’s keep making each other’s days awesome.