I Dared All Of You To Share Your Most Embarrassing Photos…

In the past, over on my Single Dad Laughing blog, I’ve shared a series of photo posts, each called “The Picture They Didn’t Think I’d Have the Guts to Share.” Stay tuned, I’m going to share them all in a post later just for fun, along with a few bonus pics. How could I not? You all sent these beauties to me, proving you could laugh at yourself as much as I can.

Yep. I asked all of you… Nay. I dared all of you to share your most embarrassing photos with me, knowing I might share them with the world. I think I expected a bunch of drunk pics. What I got instead was an awesome montage of clips from now to decades ago, all quite entertaining. Enjoy.

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I Dared All Of You To Share Your Most Embarrassing Photos…


Skydiving and my face don’t go well together.


When I was 4 years old I got my head stuck in a rocking chair. My Dad had to saw me out.


So that’s the difference between a women’s XL and a men’s XL.


Oh that’s me in the background, one hand in the Doritos and the other hand in some skittles just in pure ecstasy!


Easter 1957. I was 3 years old & trying to catch the baby chicks you can see running around in the grass.


I can’t figure out why my teenage daughters don’t like going to the dollar store with my wife and I.


I looked like Barb for most of my adolescence.


I’m the alien on the right wearing Zubaz. My sister on my left was the earthling I “caught”.


My husband asked if I was going to shower, or if I was all ready for our thanksgiving guest. I was like, ‘What you think I need to!?’


I call it my Jabba the Hut picture. Very pregnant with my second baby who was 9 pounds, 15 ounces at birth!


M friend asked me to take a pic with his phone, so he handed it to me in selfie mode. I quickly changed it to the other view, but not before capturing this beauty.


So my badge expired at a customer account. While sitting here next to their “officer” and requesting my badge gets reinstated, my co-worker decides this was very picture worthy.


This meme went viral, and is an ACTUAL picture of me in seventh grade.


I’m on the right, drunk, blowing my nose. I love my friends so much.


New Years, a few years back. I don’t remember photo bombing people that night, but one of my friends sent this to me a few days later.


I’m going to totally regret sharing this.