Let’s all take a moment to recognize and appreciate the beautiful irony of passive-aggressive memes, passive-aggressively attacking passive-aggressiveness. But despite all that, each of us knows and loves someone who holds noble rank in the Kingdom of Passive Aggressive (where everyone will just do it themselves).

18 Memes for Anyone in Love With a Passive-Aggressive Partner

Well…not too much fun.

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a little too fun to passive-aggressively ignore passive-aggressive hints.

This should just be stuck to people’s backs in the ultimate act of passive-aggression.

The more you know.

This might just be worse than, “no, you hang up first.”

May we all reach this level of mental health and happiness.

The irony is palpable.

Oh…not for you. We’re hungry.

Our favorite pants. They go with any outfit.