I posted the following on my Single Dad Laughing page, beyond excited for what people would leave in the comments:

Take a selfie right now of the biggest, cheesiest, widest, most ridiculous smile you can make. Post it in the comments.

You did not disappoint. I honestly have never laughed as much as I did going through the thousands of super-cheese selfies that people took right then and uploaded on that post.

Do you know why I love super-cheese selfies so much? I love them because they show a side of our humanity that few people ever get to see because we’re always trying to pose in these perfect-smiled, perfectly posed selfies when we take them. But when we give selfies all the cheese we’ve got? Well… We can’t hide our oral imperfections or insecurities. Gaps in teeth, missing teeth, cavities, crooked teeth… None of it gets hidden with a super-cheese selfie.

These were 53 of my favorite submissions (with a drama filter on each, just for fun!). I give all of these people a 10 out of 10 for really going for it. I also think that scrolling through these will make any bad day better. I honestly don’t know how they couldn’t.

Thanks for the smiles, peeps. Literally.

My Favorite 53 “Cheesiest, Widest, Most Ridiculous Smile” Selfies That’ll Make Any Bad Day Better