Old School Cool – More Images From Times Gone By

I love the past. One of my favorite hobbies is going thrifting. I especially love all the old family photos that get sent to thrift stores – they’re little glimpses into dead stranger’s lives, and for some reason I love the nostalgia and morbidity of it all.

The subreddit Old School Cool is an ever-growing database of the coolest vintage images. I’ve compiled 18 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

Old School Cool – 18 *All-New* Images From Times Gone By

Bessie Stringfield, the 1st Black Woman to Ride a Motorcycle in All Contiguous 48 States, 1930.

Couple on the Subway, New York City 1946 by Stanley Kubrick.

Disneyland Flying Saucers (1965)

Dog Chariot, c. 1930s

Flapper in Greenwich Village

Freddie Mercury on Vader’s Shoulders. Houston, 1980

Girl on scooter in NYC, 1969

Greta Garbo, 1926

New York City Subway, 1984