Old School Cool – All-New Awesome Images From Times Gone By

I love the past. One of my favorite hobbies is going thrifting. I especially love all the old family photos that get sent to thrift stores – they’re little glimpses into dead stranger’s lives, and for some reason I love the nostalgia and morbidity of it all.

The subreddit Old School Cool is an ever-growing database of the coolest vintage images. I’ve compiled 18 of my favorites for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

Old School Cool – 18 All-New Awesome Images From Times Gone By

‘Iron Woman’ Circus Performer, 1905

60’s Surfer Girl Gail Yarbrough, Hermosa Beach, 1964

1961 – Louie Armstrong Plays Trumpet for his Wife, Lucille, at the Foot of the Great Sphinx

1970’s Harlem

An Acoustic Listening Device used by the Dutch Army for hearing Enemy Airplanes. World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945)

A Bunch of Ladies Partying in Drag at the Young Women’s Hebrew Association “Stag Party” in 1922

A Fearless Worker Standing on the Unfinished Golden Gate Bridge, 1935.

A Flapper in Moscow, Idaho (1922)

A Lion Tamer and her Lion (1897)

A Man Carrying a Boombox During Chicago’s 16th Annual Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade, June 1985

A Snake Charmer with the Cole Brothers Circus in Wisconsin, 1935

A Stroll on the Beach, Japan, 1920’s

A Tiny Shop, 1910’s

A Young Japanese Woman in a Kimono Takes Part in the Hula-Hoop Craze, October 30, 1958

Alcatraz Prison on its Last Day as a Prison, 1963

An American Veteran with a Welding Prosthesis at Walter Reed Hospital, 1919

Andy Warhol with Debbie Harry at the 1985 Amiga Launch at Lincoln Center

Annie Cohen aka Annie Londonderry, First Woman who Cycled Around the World Between 1894-1895

Too cool for school!