Old School Creepy – Some More of the Most Bone-Chilling Vintage Photos

Some things are better left in the past… these 18 photos are proof of that!

Old School Creepy – 18 of the Most Bone-Chilling Vintage Photos

A Ventriloquist and his Dummy, 1900

A Visit to the Dentist, 1892

Anatomical Wax Figure, Italian, c. 1700s

Circus Clown Having a Smoke Break, 1958

Large Pile of Human Bones in a Tunnel, Date and Location Unknown

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 80 Years Ago in 1937

Mechanical Crawling Doll from 1871

Members of a Secret Society at the University of Illinois


Nightmare Bunny circa 1980 Florida

People Posing with Mummies in Venzone, Italy, Circa 1950s

School Girls in Gas Masks During World War II

The Crowning of Miss American Vampire 1970

The Isolator, a Helmet Invented in 1925 that Encourages Focus and Concentration

The Original Ronald McDonald Clown, 1963

Vintage Two-Faced Doll

Urban Druid in the early 1900s

Wooden Acupuncture Model, Asian, c. 1600s

The subreddit Old School Creepy is a great place to find all the creepiest vintage photos! Check it out!