The Sunday Evening Bonus Batch of All My Favorite Things

Single Dad Laughing's Daily Bonus Batch of Memes

Well, we did it. We all made it through another day. Some of us had insanely awesome days, and some of us just had insane days. Some of us laughed a lot today. Some of us cried. Some of us achieved or found someone or something special. Some of us might have lost someone or something special. Life is life. But the point is… We all made it.

I think that’s worth an extra batch of my favorite things for the evening crowd, don’t you? Who can say what a few extra laughs might do for the rest of your day or your tomorrow. I can promise you this much… Laughing a little more isn’t gonna hurt anything, so let’s do it!

The following collection features a bonus batch of more of my favorite things that I’ve come across while adventuring around Facebook and the internet today. Enjoy.

By the way, many of these were shared with me by all of you! So… Thank you for that. Life is so much better when we all join forces to laugh together. And please be sure to share your favorite memes in the comments over on Facebook!

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Here at Single Dad Laughing, I’ve always enjoyed sharing memes from all over the internet, but for years I’ve also been sharing daily memes that I created. This was a popular one…

Some memes are just timeless. They were hilarious or awesome years ago, and if you’re like me, you like seeing them from time to time.



Life is good, friends. Life is good. Now go have an incredibly awesome rest of your day! See you all back here tomorrow.