The World’s Saddest Map Names

Ever seen a street name that creeped you out? How about depressing town names? Sad Topographies, on Instagram, has compiled a database of all the world’s saddest, scariest, and funniest map names! Here are some of my favorites:

The World’s Saddest Map Names

Divorce Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Pain Lane / Suffering Lane, St. George’s Island, Bermuda

Hell for Certain Road, Hyden Kentucky U.S.

Broken Dreams Drive, Arivaca, Arizona U.S.


Failure Canyon, Samak, Utah U.S.

All Alone, Cheltenham, U.K.

End of the World, California U.S.

Dead Dog Island, Killarney, Canada

Unfortunate Cove, Cook’s Harbor, Canada


Uncertain, Texas, U.S.

Murder Island, Argyle, Canada

Heartache Road, East Helena, Montana, U.S.