Hello, friends! Andie here! As a lady with many a guy friend and even a few gal friends, we get a good chuckle from the meme war being waged on “mannish” quirks and tendencies. This battle of the sexes, as it were, has been a source of both frustration and amusement across the interwebs, so I pose this question:

Do we give guys too much crap for being guys? Because let’s be honest, we females have our own oddities to laugh about. And is it really just guys that do these?

“Man” Problems We Might Give Guys Too Much Crap For

#1: Mansplaining

Speaking of e’splaining…it’s one of the men’s favorite pastimes. Sometimes it’s unnecessary and for something so simple it comes across as condescending. It happens often enough that it’s earned itself a precious little nickname: mansplaining.

Except, here’s the thing: the vast majority of the time they’re just trying to be helpful. They may go about it the wrong way sometimes, but I daresay their hearts are in the right place. But just to play devil’s advocate, I’ve also compiled a few fun memes because it’s important to laugh at everyone…I mean…ourselves.

I daresay that women tend to over-explain things too. Maybe we should call it “Momsplaining.” What do you think? Is that a thing…that’s probably already a thing.

Guys, I have some unsolicited advice: before you mansplain something, ask us if we need it. Better yet, believe in our abilities and knowledge. I can’t speak for the rest of the ladies, but if I need help I’ll ask for it.

#2: Manspreading

In all fairness, I get the feeling certain male anatomy makes certain sitting positions vaguely uncomfortable. I can’t really speak to that, though.

What I can speak to is the height issue. I’m six feet tall and mostly leg, and I can tell you that when your legs aren’t flush with the seat because they’re so long, it’s difficult to keep them together while relaxing. I’m very grateful girls get to wear pants now…just sayin’. Between guys oft-longer legs and extra bulk in front, I don’t blame them for forgetting to make a little extra space on the seat.

That said, some guys take it to a whole new level of inconsiderate. There is definitely unnecessary and conscious sprawling happening in subways everywhere, every day.

But it’s not just the dudes. We may not be quite as bad with our legs, but…

…we’re certainly not innocent. Between putting our legs up and giving our bags their own seat, we might be just as bad.

But honestly, it all boils down to this:

Ladies and gentlemen: Be considerate. If there’s plenty of seating, go wild. Spread out. It’s a non-issue. But, if people are standing seatless and you have space to make, make it. Your bubble will survive a polite intrusion every once in a while.

#3: The Man Cold/Flu