Oh, the man cold. Okay, this one might actually warrant the extent of meme warfare it has generated. I will be the first to admit that I, as a woman, suffer from “man colds.” They’re the worst.

Seriously, guys, I am the biggest baby when I’m sick. It’s probably a good thing I’m single because it forces me to fend for myself, which usually means binging on pizza and Netflix for days…because I’m too pathetic to do anything else. Heaven forbid a future partner and I get sick at the same time because we would actually die.

So instead of defending the man cold/flu and playing devil’s advocate, let’s just enjoy a few extra memes. Because the struggle is real.

What do you think, friends? Do we give guys too much flack for all of these? Does it just give them the power to annoy us? Or is our internet outrage justified?

And since we’re here, what have you noticed about the fairer sex that the internet has waged war on? C’mon ladies, if we’re going to dish it, we need to be able to take it!