Whew. Powerful. Thank you for sharing. I honestly love you all so much more than I already did. Strange how that works.

Please keep in mind that this was only 40 of thousands of responses. Check back each week. I’ll keep posting them.

And if you want to share your own secret, please do that here. You might just be amazed how much sharing it anonymously does wonders.

Oh, and if you suddenly stopped seeing most of the SDL posts, you're not alone. Recent changes to what is shown on your wall were implemented, and it's out of our control. To help with this: go to the page and do two things: first, enable "follow," and then make sure you have it set to receive notifications for new posts. Of course, the more you interact with different posts on the page, the more Facebook will show you in the future. Hope this helps!

PS. I would really love your comments on this. If you could give any advice or words of encouragement to any of the people who shared secrets above, what would you say? Please leave a comment today and help let everyone know that they are not alone in their secrets and that there are good and wonderful people out there who understand.