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The Rainforest Challenge

I want to start by saying thank you again to everyone for your awesome ideas and challenges. The top three were Vincent Van Gogh’s starry night, the rain forest, and a sunset on the beach. I couldn’t decide so I asked my facebook friends to help me out and vote on which one they would most like to see. The rain forest took the lead. I want to give a special thank you to Debbie Eldridge for this creative challenge.

To date this has been the most difficult look for me to do so far. Let’s get started and you can let me know if you think it was a hit or a miss in the comment section below.

This is me, with my completely empty canvas.

I found these two pictures for inspiration.

I loved the big leaf with the water droplets over the eye, the rain effect, and the flowers. So I sketched it all out quickly on one side of my face.

I initially was only going to do half of my face and one of my shoulders. My boss at work told me my big bang picture was “too busy.” When people give me feedback I try and listen, so I started with just one simple rain drop almost like a tear on the other side.

I didn’t like the tear, so I wiped it off. I added more shading and this orange lip color that I thought was fantastic.

The side with the big leaf was already starting to look a little too busy, but I loved the leaf so much I kept it. The big leaf is probably my favorite part of this whole look. I spent way too long on it and there was no turning back now.