We Want Plates – Another Round of the Strangest Food Presentations Ever!

Restaurants will try anything these days to be creative and cutting-edge… even if it means serving your food on ridiculous objects!

I’ve compiled 18 *MORE* of the weirdest, from the subreddit We Want Plates, which is a comprehensive, ever-growing collection of the weirdest objects food has been served on.

We Want Plates – Over 15 *MORE* of the Strangest Food Presentations Ever!

Frites in a Clog

Ice Cream in a Scoop and Shovel

Ice Cream… Melting All Over the Table

Ice Cream on a Cutting Board

Lunch Served on a Giant Block of Salt

Pizza on a Tree Ring

Shrimp Salad in a Glass

Sink Nachos

Slipper Bread

Stuffed Eggs Served on a Cactus

Sushi on Stairs

Tots in a Tiny Skillet

Tempura in a Branch… On a Slate

This Sushi Presentation

Tiny Shovel Food

Veggies in a Fry Basket and Fries in a Tin

Chicken Wings in a Chicken-Shaped Basket

Appetizers on a Wooden Cube

When will the hipsters leave our food alone? We want plates!